B Grade Double Rich Maple Syrup 375 ml

B Grade Double Rich Maple Syrup 375 ml


BLiS Grade B Maple Syrup is a late harvest Michigan syrup, chef selected from our exclusive old growth natural maple orchards. The thick consistency and rustic richness of the BLiS Grade B Maple syrup is unparalleled with a concentrate of sweetness and the rustic essence of maple.

BLiS' B Grade Syrup is a dark maple syrup with an intense, rustic maple flavor and is most often used for cooking. Its bold, rich flavor works extremely well for creating glazes for you meat dishes, candied yams, as in the recipe below, even baked beans.

You will find BLiS Grade B Maple Syrup perfect for your desserts also. Its rustic notes are perfect for thos old-time country desserts or any dessert that needs a robust flavor profile.

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