Eye love this Eye Makeup remover!

Eye love this Eye Makeup remover!




Contains: Organic olive oil, organic macadamia nut oil, organic apricot kernel oil, organic camelina oil, vitamin E oil, love & good energy

Olive and macadamia nut oil will remove the make up, and the apricot kernel oil will condition the delicate skin around your eye and flood it with moisturizing, anti-oxidants.  The camelina oil conditions your lashes and the lash follicle making it healthier.  The vitamin E oil is good for your skin but also acts as a preservative.  The love & good energy is its intention :)


Each bottle of Eye Love This comes with a reusable soft cotton pad that works perfectly with Eye Love This! I always source independent "good energy" people to collaborate with and Brandi from Cute and Funky Accessories fits the bill. She hand makes these pads using organic cotton (the white side) and soft plush minky dot for the color side.  Use the colored side with Eye Love This.  No throw away pads!! You'll never be without one!

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