Natural Deoderant

Natural Deoderant


No parabens, no aluminum, no propylene glycol…just good.
MOON will keep you odor-free all day…naturally!

Contains: organic coconut oil, baking soda, organic arrowroot powder, kokum butter, organic caruaba wax, beeswax, essential oils (either frankincense & organic red thyme, or organic lavender, organic lemongrass & organic tea tree) organic rosemary antioxidant, love & good energy.

MOON's natural deodorant (formally Pit Stop) is the best there is because the odor is prevented...not covered up.  The powerful essential oils I've chosen will block the bacteria, which blocks the stink.

Packaging for Pit Stop is made from #5 polypropelyne which is BPA free and recyclable.

Available May 2016: Pit Stop in a no beeswax/no baking soda formula!  Watch for details.

Contains: organic coconut oil, unbleached naturally rendered beeswax, organic carnuba wax, kokum butter, naturally derived baking soda, organic arrowroot powder, organic rosemary antioxidant, organic essential oils of lemongrass, organic lavender, organic tea tree, or organic frankincense and organic red thyme, love and good energy

Directions: Uncap and turn product up. Hold against underarm for a few seconds to allow product to soften. SLOWLY apply Pit Stop over entire underarm surface. Pit stop goes on fairly dry. The product will absorb within a minute or two, so you can get dressed right away.  If there is any product that you can see on your skin, simply rub it in with your fingers.  It's made of mostly coconut oil, so it's good for your hands too!

Sometimes essential oils cause a discoloration on light colored shirts after several uses. This is easily removed by scrubbing lightly with a paste made from blue Dawn dish soap and baking soda. Work the mixture into the area with your fingers or an old toothbrush and just throw it in the washing machine as usual. Voila! Stain gone! Works for all oil based stains.

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