Rich Cocoa Rub 2 oz

Rich Cocoa Rub 2 oz


As a boy, one of my fondest memories was of my great aunt making hot chocolate or "chocolate tea" as we call it in Jamaica.  The hot chocolate (cocoa powder + warm milk + sugar or honey) that our son loves today is nothing compared to what she made, how she made it, or how much fun I had in the process.

It was my job removing the seeds from the cacao pod ensuring that I got to eat the pulp - yum.  My aunt did most of the rest - drying the seeds for about a week outdoors, roasting and grinding them with a mortar & pestle, then forming them into small balls which she later grated and boiled in water with spices and sweetened with condensed milk.

Well, needless to say, cocoa and I go way back and not just as hot chocolate.  Our cocoa rub contains a blend of roasted and ground spices which:  

  • Has natural ingredients
  • Is naturally gluten free
  • Has no high fructose corn syrup
  • Does not contain soy sauce
  • Is great with lambpoultrybeefpork,venisonseafoodvegetables

 You can use our cocoa rub with beefporklambpoultry, venison, fish, roastsvegetables, and seafood.  

When used for grilling/smoking large cuts of meats such as briskets, butts, etc. you may need to add additional salt.  Otherwise, the range in use is perfect for consumers as they won’t feel like they need a special occasion to use it.  It is packaged in a Net Wt. 2 Oz. resealable packet.  We hope you enjoy! 

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