Bellamy Blue 7 lb wheel

Bellamy Blue 7 lb wheel


ged 120 days

Bellamy Blue gets its name from a natural cave in northern Tennessee that is adjacent to the world's first man-made bat cave. The natural entrance entices endangered native grey bats to roost inside the artificial dwelling, in the hopes of combating the deadly white-nose syndrome, a mold that is threatening the grey bat's survival. Bellamy Blue's rind is hand-rubbed with a modest amount of Alderwood smoked sea salt and then dipped in black wax, which allows the cheese to breathe during aging while entrapping moisture for a smooth, dense, and creamy paste. The amount of smoke is subtle, giving Bellamy a savory profile of cured salami and burgers on a charcoal grill. Underlying notes include cut hay and boiled peanuts.

Pairs nicely with dessert wines such as Sauternes, smoky German Rauchbier, toasted nuts and a stronger flavored honey like chestnut, or cured meats and olives. Works well mixed into burgers or a blue cheese dip.

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